Audley Male Voice Choir
Audley Male Voice Choir

The cost of joining a Community Choir can average anything between £3 to £5 per WEEKLY attendance in addition to music and uniform costs. We feel that our ANNUAL subscription  currently is £80 with music and uniform supplied is superb value for a singing hobby why not try may find you actually enjoy the experience.

Become a member

Audley Male Voice Choir is always looking for new members

Contrary to belief, you do not have to sound like Pavarotti or be able to read music in order to sing in a choir!!

Most men can sing with a little practise!

We have 50 or so members ranging from retired , Medics, Firemen, Policemen, miners, to accountants, Farmers, labourers,unfortunately no longer a clergyman but certainly the odd sinner!!,  literally from every walk of life. All enjoy the singing, fellowship and fun the choir affords.

If you can say yes to any 2 of the statements below, I'm sure you would enjoy the choir.

  • Male and aged between 18 and 85
  • Can talk and hum a song
  • Enjoys making new friends
  • Likes bit of a challenge
  • Would like to improve lung capacity without trying
  • Would like to relieve stress
  • Meet like minded people
  • Get back more than you give
  • Get out from under the partner's feet for a few hours a week
  • Enjoy a new social life


Audley Male Voice Choir  does not consider itself to be an elitest choir we exist so that all men who wish to try and sing  will always be given the opportunity to do so. Come along to one of our rehearsals, sit down and try it out.

We realise, having all done it once, that it is a little daunting to walk into a room of 50 odd fellas you don't know. So if you email us we will arrange for someone to either pick you up from home or meet you at the door and introduce you gently until you find your feet. We are a very friendly bunch.


Also you will be glad to hear we do not have auditions. If you can say "E R L O U" our fun filled warm up sessions will soon identify where the ideal  mellow spot of your voice is even if you don't know it yourself. We truly believe any one can sing with practice.


Email us at with your contact details and we will send you more information.



Thursdays 7.30pm

At Audley Methodist Hall

Come and see if you enjoy it.

Choir Contact

Allan G Wright




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