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This is your choir intrepid reporter Allan G Wrong who at great risk to mind, body and internal breathing organs will bring you news and views from whichever idiot is prepared to contact him with any useless bits of miss-information they may think others will bother to access and read at any boring moment.

For example-:  Did you know  100yrs this Month  A Moorhouse set a new motor Cycling speed record of 100mph at Brooklands Motor Circuit. Bass Mike Nicholson used to beat that on his peddle bike when he thought he was going to be late for a rehearsal! He certainly hits the right note when it comes to committment.                                           AND THERE'S MORE

A  VJ Day celebration during Corona lockdown

NEW ITEM:-On Saturday 15th August 2020 at the end of the BBC's programme celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of the war in Burma bass baritone Sir Willard White sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" and instantly this hunkered down Audley Choristers mind travelled back to the Victoria Hall in Hanley on 28th March 1999, when just plain old Willard White joined the choir in singing,  "Ise Weary O Waiting" then, as now, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. He was simply electric and although internationally famous even then he shook every man's hand as we filed off the stage out of sight of the audience, a most modest and humble man. As his voice faded away I prayed our voices will one day be heard again to echo once more around the Victoria Hall.                                                                                   and there's more

Many thanks to Brian and Doreen Johnson who made our bowls day possible. For those who were able to attend on the day, though a little on the cold side was non the less enjoyable. If anyone has any more pictures please send them in to be included.

New Item:- August:-100 years ago this month,US Jazz musician Charlie Parker was born. We still have a Parker in the choir of course and he's a right Charlie who's good enough to put a note up anyone's ear drum given half a chance....

Our Chairman Ken Williamson and his dear wife Margorie would like all members your wives and partners  to treat the corona virus threat with the utmost care and attention so that you all come through this threat safely in good health and ready to once more share the joy of singing when Boris gives the go ahead.

Submitted by 2nd Tenor Dave Jarrett  3 little choir stooges from his !! birthday, he's really young at heart and modest  and as if to echo Chairman Kens thoughts, Stay Safe, Protect the NHS, Stay Inside seems to be the message

. In our case appropriate time to read up and remember words.








                                                           And there's more letter from the editor-:

Did my weekly shop at Morrisons yesterday the male cashier said because of Corona virus situation  I could only have one of the two marigold gloves I'd put in my basket, I added.  "that's only because err in doors and I share the washing up".. He said " sorry but that's the ruling I'm afraid".
She's medium size and I'm a large size. So I said " in that case you'd better take the large size back" he said "that sounds like a good decision to me," the next person a lady, coming up behind me and just putting her stuff out wasn't impressed. ? Think I'll stick to singing in the bath....its safe and healthy thing to do. Stay Safe everyone.           and there's more


 From Jim Vallings 1st Tenor, In case you are missing coming to rehearsals, which we hope you are Garath Malone may be the answer, Every day at 5:30pm Gareth is organising sing a longs called Great British Choir, Click on YouTube, type in Gareth Malone and follow instructions which should do the trick. It is also available on Decca Classics                     And there's More

NEW ITEM-Following on from Ian Hissy's entry,This one from Robert Brock 2nd Tenor....Perfect Male Voice Choir stuff-"We are singing men, we are singing men, picking all our harmonies. Stuck in isolation, baritones and bass, tenors one and two are we. We feel the need to warble, exercise our right, fight off cabin-fever, day or night, until after all we meet up again, we remain the Audley singing men    Interesting words- but remember the notes    

Submitted by Peter Thomson 2nd Tenor   One or two things you could do whilst in voluntary Isolation. Perhaps it will bring a smile to your face on a boring day.

                                                           AND THERE'S MORE

We aim to be a caring group of singers, having a genuine interest in every member of the choir team, This involves choristers wives, partners and families. To ensure that we look after each other please remember that communication is very important.

Please inform any choir member if you require assistance or advice and we will do our very best to assist as necessary.

Contacts are important to ensure your quality of life is maintained as much as possible whilst in voluntary isolation.

                                                AND THERE'S MORE


This is the Audley Choir Conker Corona Virus Kit, submitted by the Editor

which we recommend to members whilst carrying out their day to day duties including

shopping, Gardening and taking mail off the postman. It has the added advantage of preventing the picking of teeth, Nose ferriting and listening to depressing news. This kit must be used in conjunction with washing of hands as often as you feel able. The mask may be removed for indoor/outdoor singing only.

                                                             AND THERE'S MORE

Ian Hissey Baritone-: On a more serious note
Audley Male Voice Choir may not be rehearsing or performing at the moment, However rest assured we are not closed down. Sue Hallam our musical director is liaising with the venues and organisations that have already booked us and is following leads on new or returning events for our future calendar. Leon Warburton our treasurer is working hard to ensure that financially we are meeting our requirements and that the other things that go unnoticed like paying the insurance and the National Association of Choirs bill happens. Ian Hissey our Secretary is reviewing the Choir organisation information ready to submit our annual statement to the Charities Commission, Allan Wright is feverishly keeping the website fresh and updated as a source of information. Karl, Brian, Deric and Ian the section reps are doing their utmost to keep you up to date about your choir.

All this preparation is in anticipation of the day when we will return and do what we love. Some of you may wonder when that will be? Currently we do not know when this will be however we will make you two promises:
Firstly: Audley Male Voice Choir ceased it's operations in line with and strictly following government guidelines, Our committee made no decision based on personal judgement or "what the news says" as others did. Audley Male Voice Choir will likewise return to operation in the same informed and organised manner when we are guided back by the government. 
Secondly: On the run up to the choir ceasing operation any chorister who chose not to attend because  of their own personal beliefs with regards to this situation was allowed to without hindrance and indeed their decision was supported by the choir committee. Likewise this policy will be carried over to those who chose to delay their return beyond our formal resumption.
After less than a week; we as yet have few news stories or reports to give you however our first "keeping in touch blast" would like to be an informative one: The BBC, ITV and the like are all putting guides onto the internet these are indeed useful, however we at AMVC will always specifically guide every one to GOV.UK. If you are social distancing please take the time to read their guide:
"Guidance on social distancing for everyone in the UK and protecting older people and vulnerable adults"
Spring starts on March the twentieth, spring cleaning will help in the fight against infections. So while you are stuck in doors, don those marigolds and grab the bleach and think about it as being a little bit of pay back to Corona’s bacterial cousins.  
Finaly in referring to the" Perfect Male Voice Choir"We are are cleaning men! we are cleaning men! dusting round the living room, scrubbing down the kitchen, hoovering up the stairs, fighting of the boredom, cleaning up the house. Till we get back to Audley and can sing again.” 
Please stay safe and well
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